Introducing YRL - rethinking marketing for everyone.

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Introducing YRL - rethinking marketing for everyone.
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Could we incentivize individuals to share, talk about and explain products?
Can Businesses take an alternate path when it comes to explaining their products other than spamming the world with expensive Ads?

Biggest Challenge to Ideas

The biggest challenge to startups, products and ideas is not their technical execution.

It’s growth.

It’s adoption. It’s how a product or idea can be shared with a large number of users in a short amount of time.

An average product with great marketing and distribution will almost always work. But the same is not true for very well made products with poor distribution.

How can products go viral?

Thinking with first principles, something goes viral when large number of people talk about it in their own way, addressing their own networks.

We thought, could we incentivize individuals to explain and share a product that they align with, and pay them for every user that they bring?

This idea led us to building YRL : a platform where Creators can discover product campaigns by Businesses, claim them, and share them with the world. Creators get paid for every click or conversion (sale / sign up etc.) that their content generates.

YRL is a misnomer for Viral, and URL. It doesn’t have any full form.

YRL = Viral + URL

YRL has two parts: one for Creators and Individuals to claim personal Yrl Links of Products to promote them, and the other: for Businesses, to create campaigns of their products.

1. YRL for Creators

If you have ever shared a product link on any messaging platform, ever – we call you a Creator.

YRL for Creators is an equivalent of Adsense but for the Creator and Individuals. Creators can claim a Yrl Link of a product in 3 simple clicks, and share it in their networks, or by creating content about it. Everytime someone clicks on the links, they will be redirected to the Product site instantly and the Creator would get paid in this process.

YRL for Creators →

Checkout the above link, and claim a YRL link of a Product that you find interesting.

2. YRL for Businesses

YRL’s equivalent of “Adwords” for Businesses. It takes only 60 seconds to create a YRL Campaign.

Campaigns can be of a product, a website, or even a video! Instead of bidding on a keyword, in YRL, you as a Business decide the CPC that you’re comfortable with. With just 4 lines of code, you can also add Cost per Conversion on any action that you want to pay the Creator / Connectors for.

YRL for Businesses →

Backstory of YRL

If you want to learn more about our journey, and how tos of YRL, visit the YRL blog at:

If you’re reader of this blog, you’re definitely either a Creator, or a Business.

In any case, I highly encourage trying it, and earning with it, and putting a small dent in reducing spammy ads in the world, at the same time helping great ideas go viral.

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