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Values and principles form essence of an organization’s culture. While setting up the company, I wanted to give some directional sense of our core values because it brings everyone on the team, regardless of their specialization, on the same playing field.

Our core values enable us iterate and adapt quickly to deliver products that make a positive impact in this world, while making sure we do the right thing. Our core values are as follows.

Build for Everyone

We want to build products that can be accessed and used by everyone. Technology is increasingly getting ubiquitous, and even though there are very different environments that our users live in, many of the critical problems that affect them are quite similar. Our products, by extension, should be scalable for all the users in the world.

Simple and Unconventional Ideas

Each of our ideas should have something unconventional and new in them. We will never building the “second” something… We strive to be the first of our kind, and even if enter existing industries, our solutions would be (hopefully simple and) revolutionary.

Operate with infinitesimal resources

We believe in doing more with less. Our culture instills the use of minimal resources to produce the maximum impact. Iterations of our products will be minimalistic but highly functional, and we will always listen to our users to build the most critical features first.

Be polite but direct and transparent in expression

Either within the teams or externally, we will strive to be as transparent about our policies as possible. Our language and messages will always be direct and easy to understand by everyone.

When conflicted, always do the right thing. If right and wrong are not clear, speak loudly.

In any given situation, we will do our best to do the right thing for our users. However, it may happen that in some exceptional cases, there is no right answer. The gray line sometimes is too thick to make a decision. In such cases, we encourage discussions, listen to every possible argument before making the decision.

Of course these are V1.0, and should evolve with time. User privacy & security, rapid development of our ideas and building for everyone will always be at the core of our thinking.

Sudeep Chauhan
Written by Sudeep Chauhan Connect
Hi, I'm the founder of Milkie Way Inc. My interests lie in building products, and making them useable + useful for everyone.