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Hi, I'm the founder of Milkie Way Inc. My interests lie in building products, and making them useable + useful for everyone.

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Introducing MaiA

MaiA: API platform for Point Address, and on a mission to Make AI Accessible for everyone.

In launch, Feb 05, 2021

Evolution of Announce Logo

Ever wondered what goes behind creating a great logo?

In general, Jan 20, 2021

Follow up on Cloud Incident

Our posts last month about Cloud incident got fair traction in the tech community. The posts were translated by reporters to various languages… how accurate was the translation is som...

In general, Jan 13, 2021

We Burnt $72K testing Firebase - Cloud Run and almost went Bankrupt [Part 2]

One Hundred Sixteen Billion: that’s the number of times our test code read Firestore database in less than an hour.

In general, Dec 08, 2020

We Burnt $72K testing Firebase + Cloud Run and almost went Bankrupt [Part 1]

This is the story of how close we came to shutting down before even launching our first product, how we survived, and the lessons we learnt.

In general, Dec 08, 2020

What's in the name?

Be it a project, product or company, naming is one of the important parts of the process. Great names have a symbolic connection with what the entity represents. Names for products an...

In general, Aug 03, 2020

Our Product Principles

Values and principles form essence of an organization’s culture. While setting up the company, I wanted to give some directional sense of our core values because it brings everyone on...

In general, Jul 21, 2020

to Milkie Way!

Milkie Way is a technology company headquartered in the Silicon Valley, CA. Our mission is to make the world safer, more efficient and connected space.

In general, Jul 01, 2020