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Milkie Way is a technology company headquartered in the Silicon Valley, CA. Our mission is to make the world safer, more efficient and connected space.

Core essence of Milkie Way is to be a platform, an infrastructure that facilitates rapid development, and deployment of our ideas into meaningful and useable products. If our products are rockets, Milkie Way provides us the launch pad for these products.

While we are not tied to any specific industry, technology is, and will be the common denominator across all our products. Because Milkie Way is a platform, we invest our resources heavily in improving our operational efficiency whenever possible.

Our mission is to make the world safer, more efficient, and connected space.

M.W. logo takes inspiration from constellations, depicting the connection and relationship of our products.

Our mission statement comprises really broad terms – safety, efficiency, and connectivity. The usage of these broad terms is not arbitrary, but a product of critical design. The job of a company’s mission statement is to serve as the guiding poles as the company grows, and takes decisions on course of their products, and we believe our mission would help us in making the right decisions.

To Milky Way!

Sudeep Chauhan
Written by Sudeep Chauhan Connect
Hi, I'm the founder of Milkie Way Inc. My interests lie in building products, and making them useable + useful for everyone.