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Our posts last month about Cloud incident got fair traction in the tech community. The posts were translated by reporters to various languages… how accurate was the translation is something I can’t comment on, but its purpose was to raise awareness which it did for sure.

I published the posts about that incident on our company blog as it forms our journey. Too often we read what worked well, but rarely do we hear about what didn’t work so well. In addition to successes, I firmly believe there’s good deal to learn from failures as most failures represent opportunities.

How to user Cloud without losing Sleep.

Lot of readers reached out to me after the post about recommendations on setting up the infrastructure so I decided to write a post dedicated to it.

As our company blog isn’t the right platform for this, I posted it on my personal blog that outline these: How to user Cloud without losing Sleep.

Until next time. To Milkie Way!

Sudeep Chauhan
Written by Sudeep Chauhan Connect
Hi, I'm the founder of Milkie Way Inc. My interests lie in building products, and making them useable + useful for everyone.