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Be it a project, product or company, naming is one of the important parts of the process. Great names have a symbolic connection with what the entity represents. Names for products and companies represent the fundamental ideas, inspire design and define brand image for every stakeholder and user alike.

Milkie Way, Inc. is named after our galaxy and its name is a play on Milky Way. This name is not just because we love space (we do love space!), but because it fundamentally represents what Milkie Way is about.

Initial mocks of our logo

But why name the company after Milky Way?

Because it is a collection of things

Very diverse and fundamentally different things that have their own identities come together to form the magnificent spiral Galaxy.

We hope that our products may appear to be fundamentally different, they will come together to be part of Milkie Way.

Because everything is connected to one another

The gravity of each element in our galaxy impacts every other element, and we hope so will the ideas under Milkie Way.

Because it is huge

Comparing our startup with Milky Way galaxy portrays that we think big and we want to solve big problems at scale.

Because it is home

Our galaxy holds a special place in this universe, and in hearts, and we hope so do our products.

Final mock iterations of our logo. Each character derives design from constellations.

A great name is also easy to remember, associate, and caters to the diversity in the world. Milky Way has a name in every language (see: Wikipedia). As a concept it appeals to everyone across boundaries, languages, and cultures. It is our hope that each of our products achieve the same.

Sudeep Chauhan
Written by Sudeep Chauhan Connect
Hi, I'm the founder of Milkie Way Inc. My interests lie in building products, and making them useable + useful for everyone.